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PECT Green Festival, returns on Saturday 11th August at Peterborough’s Nene Park – Ferry Meadows. This year, the festival will include exciting artwork with an environment theme created by artists who have been commissioned to produce pieces that highlight sustainability issues in fun, innovative and engaging ways.

Organised by the charity Peterborough Environment City Trust (PECT), the Festival brings together community groups, charities and businesses in an annual celebration of ‘green’ initiatives in the city. The Festival aims to encourage local people to live sustainably and develop long-term behaviour change, by exploring themes such as sustainable transport, recycling, local and sustainable food and biodiversity.

In the lead up to the Peterborough Green Festival Idea1 will release short interviews with some of the commissioned artists. A chance to get a taster of what to expect at this years Green Fest and get to know the artists. Introducing One-to-One Development!




Q. Tell us a little bit about yourself?

A. I am a film maker/socially engaged digital artist. I work with my partner Andy Campbell who is a writer and digital creator. Our organisation One to One Development Trust is a charity that works with people and communities using digital arts, film and technology. I love nature, water and the natural environment and am a bit obsessed photographing it. I’m a mother of two teenagers. I believe passionately that Peterborough is a much better place now than when I grew up here, this makes me excited to contribute to the City’s creative development.


Q. Could you describe your art practice?

A.People and participants are at the heart of our creative practice whether as participants, audiences or readers. We are open to possibilities, have a willingness to embrace new challenges and engage creatively, as often and in as many ways as we can.

Our work falls into three main areas: Heritage, Health & Wellbeing and Digital Storytelling. Projects can run for several years through to one off bespoke workshops. We work with people of all generations, cultures and backgrounds to create immersive and engaging arts projects that inform, support and inspire.

We like using technology – sometimes on its own, sometimes with other creative interventions – as a tool to break down barriers and challenge preconceptions.


Q. What will you be creating as part of your Green Festival Commission?

A. Our Green Festival Commission has enabled us to expand the Nenescape 900 Voices Nene project we are currently working on, gathering stories of the Nene from Peterborough to Northampton.

We wanted to develop an environmental angle to 900 Voices where we could look at engaging more local groups in this project and investigate some of the current issues facing the river in Peterborough. Through a mixture of workshops, meetings and filming we are creating a series of digital interventions and films for the Green Fest and beyond.

We are working with and mentoring young artists Simon and Sean Dendere (Dendere Design) on a series of digital artwork pieces and portraits.

We are also developing an area of the 900 Voices archive to celebrate 25 years of PECT within Peterborough as a key organisation working to champion environmental issues within the Nene Valley. This significant anniversary is worth celebrating and our commission will make sure that there is a snapshot of PECT’s story that is available for generations to come.


Q. How can the public get involved?

A. We are constantly collecting stories and contributions for 900 Voices, these can be text based, photographs, poetry, video or artwork. The aim is to create an extensive repository of information about the River Nene and we are keen for the public to contribute. One way is by visiting the project website where you can submit material online, or you can do this through social media using #900VoicesNene. Or come and see us at The Green Fest or any local workshops/events.


Q. What is your art piece about? How does it tie in with the themes of Green Festival?

A. Our work for this commission is about raising issues around the River Nene, but also bringing the fantastic range of PECT projects to the fore through interviews with current staff.

Through digital responses we are creating films and artwork that celebrate the environment but also exploring its challenges – inviting people to reflect on their own relationship with the River.

Through workshops and engagement with groups/people we are exploring different aspects and responses to the environment. Our role is also to support participants who’ve worked with us to reflect on their own relationship with the river. What we are exploring through the commission fits in with the key themes of PECT – from raising awareness of the natural environment through to community and social cohesion through to health and well-being.


Q. What has been your favourite part about this commission?

A. There are lots of favourite parts to this commission and the variety of what we are doing is great fun – for us it’s about the interaction with participants and how we can help share their stories.

Working with the volunteers at Railworld has been a delight – exploring what environmental volunteering can bring to people’s lives with a focus on post retirement, addressing social isolation in older people, encouraging fitness and activity and celebrating team work.

With Autism Peterborough we created a safe and welcoming workshop where we explored the challenges that people with autism can face in wide open spaces. We talked about how public places and parks could be more autism-friendly and create ‘safe zones’. We took basic origami boats and swans made with paper, pens, glue and decorations and turned them into magical digital hope-boats – all within the workshop. No one wanted to leave!

Working with Sean and Simon is good – we are enjoying the opportunity to share experiences and learn more about each other’s creative techniques whilst supporting them develop their own practice.

Filming Kerry Devine was great fun. We were keen to involve Kerry as she has a good association with the river and draws on the local landscape for inspiration. Her new track Elmet has a beautiful resonance – the live recording was done during her break, on the river bank against a backdrop of noisy passers-by, boats and even noisier trains – all a technical challenge when you are shooting something beautiful and reflective in a limited time slot on the hottest day of the year!


Q. Are there any specific ways that you would like the public to interact with your piece?

A. We would love people to come to the Green Festival and visit us. Some of the films and digital artwork will be screened throughout the day in the Festival on a large outdoor screen and we hope that people will just take some time to watch and enjoy. The public can come and see our work in the Discovery Den and contribute their own story to the project.

After the Festival, there will be lots of ways the public will be able to engage with what we make through this commission. The films and artwork will be on the 900 Voices of the Nene website. They will also be on our One to One Development Trust Vimeo channel and on social media. All our participating groups will feature their own projects’ work.


Q. Do you think it is important that art is integrated into The Green Festival and what benefit do you think it has?

A. Art and creativity should be nurtured everywhere and for everyone. Participating in creative projects increases peoples sense of health and wellbeing. The Green Festival is a great event to nurture creativity and integrate art into a wider community from the ground up – it’s set in the stunning Ferry Meadows, there will be lots of public there, it’s being led by PECT, an organisation that are really embracing creative practice, whose staff really believe in the power of the arts and there’s a really interesting range of artists commissions going on.


Q. When and where can we see your piece at Green Festival?

A. We will be based in the Discovery Den where we will be exhibiting, making origami and audio recording, and out about at the Festival and on the Nenescape Stand. Our films will be on the big screen throughout the day.

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