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PECT Green Festival, returns on Saturday 11th August at Peterborough’s Nene Park – Ferry Meadows. This year, the festival will include exciting artwork with an environment theme created by artists who have been commissioned to produce pieces that highlight sustainability issues in fun, innovative and engaging ways.

In lead up to the Peterborough Green Festival Idea1 will release short interviews with some of the commissioned artists. A chance to get a taster of what to expect at this years Green Fest and get to know the artists. Introducing Katy Hawkins!



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Q. Tell us a little bit about yourself?

A. I’m Katy Hawkins and I’m interested in people, place and networks.


Q. What will you be creating as part of your Green Festival Commission?

A. I will be running a series of wandering workshops – Wander With. Wanders will ask people to look at again at the environment or experience it in a new way – there is a bit about mindfulness, a bit about perspective-taking, and a bit applying a critical eye to our everyday environments.


Q. How can the public get involved?

A. Card-based prompts will be given to guide conversation, and we will share insights and musings with one another as we go (note: staying quiet and just listening/observing is also very much allowed).


Q. What is your workshop about? How does it tie in with the themes of Green Festival?

A. The wanders are, in themselves, about promoting the act of wandering in itself and everything you can gain from this simple act – insights, appreciation, questions and more. Echoing Kate, it’s about appreciating what we’ve got, together, but also assessing what more can be done.


Q. What has been your favourite part about this commission?

A. It’s been really nice working with Polytechnic & friends – the freedom granted and level of trust bestowed – and also for having a team of people to share ideas with, and get feedback from.


Q. Are there any specific ways that you would like the public to interact with your piece?

A. To be open and curious!


Q. Do you think it is important that art is integrated into The Green Festival and what benefit do you think it has?

A. Yes, arts is forever proven as a mean to make us reflect, reconsider and make change in a way that statistics and news articles don’t. And as the well titled ‘There is no planet B’ festival articulated last year, this process of reflection/change is critical.


Q. When and where can we see your piece at Green Festival?

A. Two wanders will take place during the day. One at midday, the other at 3pm. Both will last for 30 minutes each and will involve refreshments 😉


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