PECT Green Festival, returns on Saturday 11th August at Peterborough’s Nene Park – Ferry Meadows. This year, the festival will include exciting artwork with an environment theme created by local artists who have been commissioned to produce pieces that highlight sustainability issues in fun, innovative and engaging ways.

In lead up to the Peterborough Green Festival Idea1 will release short interviews with some of the commissioned artists. A chance to get a taster of what to expect at this years Green Fest and get to know the artists. Introducing Anne Bellamy & Jailbirds!


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Q. Tell us a little bit about yourself?

A. I’m Ann Bellamy I’m an artist working in Prison as a workshop facilitator. In the prison, I lead a workshop called Jailbirds. We make items to sell and the women learn skills that can be used after release


Q. What will you and the women be creating as part of your Green Festival Commission?

A. We are creating lots of cones from recycled paper full of wild flower seeds. Each cone will have a quote on that the women have generated and are about kindness. I will be giving them out during the festival day and encouraging festivalgoers to take an extra one to give to someone else.


Q. What is your art piece about? How does it tie in with the themes of Green Festival?

A. Kindness and the small acts we can do to make people and ourselves feel better. One quote we have generated is. “Never stop doing little things for others, sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts”


Q. What has been your favourite part about this commission?

A. Getting the women to think about what’s important rather than just the daily grind of prison. Getting the women to look beyond the everyday.


Q. Are there any specific ways that you would like the public to interact with your piece?

A. Take one and give one away as an act of kindness


Q. Do you think it is important that art is integrated into The Green Festival and what benefit do you think it has?

A. For the women it’s good for them to be part of something outside the prison that reminds them they are part of a larger community. For me it’s about doing something that’s not just art for art sake but art that’s meaningful and that gets the women voices heard that’s valued and respectful but not patronised.


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