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Theatre for babies seems an impossible proposition. Not so, for Oily Cart,   masters at creating enchanting productions that connect with children as young as six months. Now one of Britain’s best loved theatre companies presents, TUBE, an interactive multi-sensory piece for young children aged 6 months to 2 years and their families and friends.

TUBE transforms the performance space into a giant tubular installation and invites the audience to enter a magical wonderland, created with tubular instruments, balloons, with dance and outrageous costumes.

Oily Cart, experts at entertaining children, gently coax the kids into a world created by tubes. The performers get them to participate in their surroundings whilst entertaining them with interactive activities such as blowing through a straw, playing with a feather duster, interacting with peepo puppets and kaleidoscope colours, giving the children an opportunity to explore the senses of touch, sound and sight.

As the distinction between spectator and performer blurs, the children engage in the world of the play with rapt attention. This highly active and exciting show is suffused with colour, noise, action – every step something new happens – and transports young audiences on a journey of delight and discovery.

TUBE is a creative show allowing children and grown-ups to play imaginatively together in a highly stimulating environment with music, props, kaleidoscope lighting , free play and structured performance. It is perfect as the first introduction to the enchantment of theatre for young children.

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Fri 11 October 2013


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The Key Theatre


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