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Before Delaine embarks on the creation of her installation at Metal during the following week, she will be joined by Professor David Morley and her family for interviews and debate, poetry readings, and film screenings of footage from her recent performances and road trips. The event is from 1pm – 4pm on Sunday 27th October and is FREE. Refreshments will be provided.

Delaine le Bas is an Artist and English Romani. She makes installations that are raw and intense collections of drawings, hand crafted objects, textiles, found objects and images exploring intolerance, misrepresentation, displacement and homelessness that the Gypsy, Romani and Traveller communities continue to face daily. Recently Delaine’s practice has become one of artist/activist working with Non-Government Organisations in Europe to campaign, advocate and promote the recognition of Gypsy, Romani and Traveller communities, their culture and history.

Professor David Morley is the award-winning writer of ten books of poetry. His new collection of poems is The Gypsy and the Poet, a Poetry Book Society Recommendation.
He writes criticism, essays and reviews for The Guardian and Poetry Review. A recent book of his poems Enchantment was a Telegraph Book of the Year while The Invisible Kings was a Poetry Book Society Recommendation and TLS Book of the Year. David is Professor of Writing at Warwick University

Damian le Bas (Delaine’s son) is a successful Poet, writer, and filmmaker. He is a self-confessed Romany lingo nerd and  Editor of @TravellersTimes magazine. On Sunday he will be reading from  in The Junket in July and also “Reflections“, a commissioned piece he wrote for the Museum of East Anglian Life to accompany their Gypsy Traveller collections.

To Gypsyland is a road trip; a research archive; and a roaming studio. To Gypsyland is a conversation and an exchange of ideas. The project by Delaine Le Bas, co-curated by Barby Asante for 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning, explores the ideas and myths of ‘Gypsyland’. It explores ways of connecting the present to the past and reveals the history of communities that live on the fringes of society that are rendered invisible and are fiercely misrepresented within British culture. To Gypsyland presents a new and diverse picture of what ‘Gypsyland’ has historically been seen as, what it currently is and what it can possibly be.

Taking the idea of ‘City Gypsies’ To Gypsyland focuses on the idea of urban traveller communities that have always been part of the city landscape, but that still exist within the public imagination as an ‘English Countryside’ stereotype. To Gypsyland is where Delaine will take audiences to travel with her into this unknown territory and bring to light the cultural and historical geography of a people who are often mythologised and demonised, changing perceptions of where Gypsy culture and history are kept and dispelling myths.

Delaine has been undertaking research and ‘interventions’ in Peterborough over the past months and will be resident at Metal, Chauffeurs Cottage during late October and November. She will be working directly onto the walls to create an installation and exhibition from Monday 28th October with a private view scheduled for Sunday 3rd November at 2pm. During this time the public can watch her work, and talk to her about the project. The resulting exhibition will run until Friday 29th November.

This project is a partnership between 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning and Metal as part of ‘To Gypsyland’, an exhibition/road trip funded by Arts Council England Strategic Touring Fund.


Past Event

To Gypsyland: Film Screening and Performances

Sun 27 October 2013


Ends: Sun 27 October 4:00PM

Chauffeurs Cottage


01733 893 077


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