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The Players mark their 90th Anniversary with “The Sorcerer”; a lively and humorous take on Gilbert and Sullivan’s light-hearted parody of Donizetti’s opera “L’Elisir D’Amore”.

Sir Marmaduke Pointdextre’s son, Alexis, and Lady Sangazure’s daughter, Aline, (the names say so much about them!) are besotted with each other and about to be betrothed. Alexis, enthusiastic but naïve, wants the other villagers of Ploverleigh – who are not forthcoming – to share the secret of pure and lasting happiness that he advocates. His cause progresses slowly so he takes the desperate step of engaging John Wellington Wells, a real live London Sorcerer, to concoct, with supernatural aid, a potent love-potion.

Mystical moments of magical madness ensue at the engagement party when Dr Daly, the Vicar, unwittingly dispenses this Elixir of Love to the whole village via the brew in his teapot. Suddenly age and position count for nothing; everyone is both attractive and attracted and mismatches mount. It seems no one can escape their unexpected liaisons unless a considerable forfeit is paid – but who will volunteer?

Wednesday 11th September: 7.30pm

Thursday 12th September: 7.30pm

Friday 13th September: 7.30pm

Saturday 14th September: 7.30pm



Past Event

The Sorcerer

Wed 11 September 2013

7:30PM See details

Ends: Sat 14 September

The Key Theatre


01733 207239


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