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Conner Chapman and Shaun Thomas play Arbor and Swifty, two lads who live in the tough estates of Bradford, leading an almost bucolic existence of hand-to-mouth survival. Arbor is small, aggressive, unhappy. His mate Swifty is slower and gentler and almost beatific, a natural target for bullies. Arbor gets in a fight defending Swifty in the playground, and the resulting chaos gets both boys excluded, a development they welcome so that they can pursue their true vocation: roaming around town scavenging and nicking metal objects so they can sell them for scrap. To do this, the children must take their swag to a dodgy dealer, inappropriately nicknamed Kitten, and played by Sean Gilder.


Jordan Vogt-Roberts

Conner Chapman, Ian Burfield,
Lorraine Ashbourne, Sean Gilder,
Shaun Thomas

Rating: 15
Year: 2013
Country: UK
Length: 91mins


Past Event

The Selfish Giant – Peterborough Arts Cinema

Thu 22 May 2014


Ends: Thu 22 May

John Clare Theatre



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