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Sita’s Story is based on India’s epic, The Ramayana. Tara Arts’ performance introduces children to one of the world’s greatest sagas.

Suitable for ages 5 to 11 years

How did Sita become Queen to King Rama? Why did the demon Ravana steal Sita? How did Rama win her back?

Tara Arts’ production draws children into the adventures of Sita’s Story, featuring Hanuman the wondrous monkey king, and of course the terrifying ten-headed demon Ravana.

Using scarves, masks, dance and song, the performers create a vibrant show for children and adults alike.

“Excellent work, simply and effectively staged.”
Time Out, London

The tour is accompanied by copies of The Diwali Story retold by Jatinder Verma, illustrated by Nilesh Mistry, published by Barefoot Books.


Past Event

Tara Arts presents Sita’s Story

Wed 30 October 2013


Ends: Wed 30 October 2:30PM

The Key Theatre


01733 207239


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