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Rhago Boy is an independent documentary style film based on true events. We see a young boy who is born into a life of violence, terror and crime. Surrounded only by poverty and struggle.

Raised on a council estate in a dysfunctional and broken home, No words can describe the mental scars that’s buried deep inside. Metal gates, screams and heartache become normal when you’re trapped inside a dark and lost underworld of hate.

Friendships are put to the test when something as simple as a “Mix Tape” turns into a revenge attack. Each day becomes a game of survival, the streets soon become the father “Rhags” never had with music his only escape. Follow the journey unfold as life is lost, tears are shed and hope is all you have to make a difference

The film is an independent project produced and shot in the city of Peterborough. All cast and crew are local residents who gave up their time to create the new production. The film was shot over a 6 month period through the summer and winter months and followed the life of MC and “Hedzup” Barber Shop owner “Ross Strowthers” (Business Partner Dennis Cooke).

The film captures the more gritty side of the city based on the life biography of Ross and the friends he grew up with. Rhago Boy is the first full production for Ross and his crew and has been a magnificent learning curve, this becoming a stepping stone to move more into film work in the future. Following the release of Rhago Boy, Ross and his team will enter into early pre-production for their next full feature project.



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Rhago Boy – Key Theatre

Tue 29 October 2013


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The Key Theatre


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