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Journey into the Subconscious: Temporary art exhibition as part of the Peterborough Artists’ Open Studios featuring the work of Katie Timoshenko, Veronika Pagacova and Martin Cibik
Date: 28th June- 13th July 2014
Time: 10am-4pm. Thurs. 12pm-4pm. Closed Monday.
Location: Art in the Heart

Private View Friday 27th June 2014. 5.30pm-8pm. £2.00 entry. Glass of wine. Profits to Kidneeds. Guests will also receive a discount of 10% off any purchase made in the gallery and shop that evening on or above the value of £20.00. Buy your ticket online or in our gallery.

Katie Timoshenko. Born 1984 in Latvia. Studied Art at the Ukrainian Academy of Design and the Ukrainian Academy of Printing while working as a graphic designer. Now working in Peterborough and volunteering at Art in the Heart. Learning English and interested in photography and developing art skills.
Exhibits with the Open Studios and participates in community art events. As an Art in the Heart permanent exhibitor Katie has developed local and national collector bases and is one of most loved artists in the gallery.

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Veronika Pagacova. Born 1984 in Slovakia. Studied textile art and fashion design. Exhibited textile artworks 2003 at Podhronske Museum, Slovakia. Won award for textile pieces at the International Competition of Fauna and Flora. Exhibition of drawings 2004 at The Culture Festival, Slovakia. Spent time teaching art before relocating to the UK. Works and studies English in Peterborough. Exhibits with the Open Studios.
Using graphic media, line art, drawing mixed media, painting or print making, Veronika’s main concern is creating stylised images to express her feelings and visualisation of the world. Lifelong learning is an adventure which enriches her life and work

Martin Cibik. Born Slovakia 1980. Studied Textile Design and Fashion. Moved to UK in 2008. Studied English language and currently working in Peterborough. In 2013 exhibited with the Peterborough Artists’ Open Studios. Would like to be a professional artist.
Martin’s art is based on experience, emotions, energies and states of consciousness such as waking, dreaming, transcendentalism and the world of illusions. He is interested in Shamanism, Meditation, lucid dreaming, OOBE and the development of consciousness. His work depicts something without physical form. It is not meant to be understood by the everyday mind but fits into the sub-consciousness. Energy from the artist flows onto the canvas which in turn creates a tangible physical pattern. Martin invites you to open your mind and experience his energy.


Past Event

Private View: Journey into the Subconscious (Art Exhibition)

Fri 27 June 2014


Ends: Fri 27 June 8:00PM

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