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Who are the amateur photographers?

The world of technology and imagery has changed almost every aspect of our lives. We are all photographers now – almost every single person in the world. However, not all photographs are meaningful or stand out as something special. “PHOTO SHOOT“ is an art project, created to show the work of four amateur photographers to a wider audience, to inspire people in the Peterborough community to engage in intercultural dialogue. The amateurs of photography are the ones who practice photography as a hobby and the satisfaction they get from what they do is their only profit. They are able to recognise the moment, right here, right now. The camera becomes their means of expressing their view of the world, a tool that allows them to capture a moment in time. Within the project, four amateur photographers will present their photos using the projector, talk about their development process and share their experience with the audience. Each person will be given fifteen minutes to talk about their interest, inspiration and passion for photography.

Renata Pietruszewska – was born in Poland. She loves the challenge while taking photographs. It gives her a great feeling of satisfaction when bringing together her knowledge of the camera with her choice of subject. Photography captures a moment of reality that will never exist again; this is what she enjoys the most.

Urszula Gronostajska – was born in Poland. Her photographs will show you how she sees the world through a camera. Every moment she captures on a photograph is special to her and has its own history. Urszula is interested in the developing cycles of photographs, so that through them she might say something to the viewer.

Mihails Kokarevics (Mefisto von Bedre) – was born in Estonia. He is an artist who never had a chance to express himself to a bigger audience and whose work was mostly appreciated by his Facebook friends or other close friends and acquaintances. He is extremely passionate about his art and nothing but good vibes and good company can result from such dedication…

Rafal Marek Marcinkiewicz – was born in 1980 in Poland and comes from the small town of Jordanowo near Swiebodzin. He studied at University of the Humanities Department – history. He is an amateur photographer with his own vision of the world; an animator, cultural activist and idealist. Awards: – 2013 – photography of the month (April, January) – ViewBug  – 2012 – photography of the month (November) – Photo Courier – 2011 – finalist of the Sony World Photography Awards – architectural photography – 2011 – Photographer of the Year – destination everywhere Digital Camera – 2008 – second place Unusual Poland – Publishing Hellion The event will be informal. After presentations everyone is welcome to join in the conversation and to ask questions.

Refreshments will be provided.


Past Event

Photo Shoot

Sat 15 June 2013


Ends: Sat 15 June 8:30PM

Chauffeurs Cottage




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