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Dear Playwrights, 


I am writing this message at an exciting time for Peterborough and the arts. This invite comes after a long-standing personal passion for theatrical writing and writers within the wider Peterborough area. Now, I feel like we are ready to start the journey to a bigger, better understanding of playwrights and ‘new writing’ in the city. I pose the question ‘where is the support network for Peterborough playwrights’? 


I want to take baby steps to create a group of playwrights to meet, peer review and eventually go out and present their work. 


Whether you have professionally written or just thought about writing for theatre, please consider the Peterborough Playwrights’ Group. I’m going to be brutally honest, I cannot guarantee anything at all at the moment. Although, what I can predict, quite confidently, is that a group of us will be far stronger putting ourselves forward for funding and more support. The dream is for a network of us to access workshops from established playwrights, collaborate with local actors, short play festivals and get commissioned to present work. 


So, what do you say? I would like to propose one informal meeting at the Brewery Tap on Westgate, to get the ball rolling… 


Monday 11th November 2013 at 8pm. 


 The night could include bringing an extract of your work (very optional, no reviewing yet, just getting to know each other), discussing ideas for the group and having a drink and a laugh. 


We look forward to seeing you there. Thank you so much for your time. 



All the best, 

Tom Fox 


P.S. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any queries, or to be sent opportunities and news on playwrighting via a newsletter, on 


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Peterborough Playwrights’ Group

Mon 11 November 2013


Ends: Mon 11 November 10:00PM

Brewery Tap



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