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The Event kicks off at midday with a performance from Les Studios De Cirque with their spectacular performance The Wheel of Death, Time’s Trilogy. Not to be missed, get there in time to claim your seat! Prepare to be amazed by this fusion of street performance and outdoor arts, showcasing artists from across the channel in a number of shows.


Collectif Malunes – Sens Dessus Dessous

Come and enjoy the madness of Sens Dessus Dessous with an explosive and charming cocktail of teeterboard, flying trapeze and Cyr wheel.

Sens Dessus Dessous is much more than a series of random circus acts. The young artists of Collectif Malunés seduce audiences with their crazy upside-down universe…they throw themselves in the air, smash down to the floor…they love the madness. This is one disordered circus!


Mysterieuses Coiffures

A dainty set-up filled with delightful accessories, Christophe Pavia transforms you into a Countess for the day. Within seven minutes, he will have created a colourful and enchanting poem on your head.

His eccentric creations are all different and rise from his outrageous imagination. His world, reminiscent of Tim Burton’s, transports us through the looking glass, inviting us to enter into the weird, the wonderful and the unknown…

Christophe Pavia is a French artist you will never forget: easy to remember because you will have never before seen what he is going to show you..… He is a hair sculptor, using flowers, butterflies, feathers and ribbons as his tools… In only few minutes, he will create a beautiful and original sculpture on your head!


The Wheel of Death, Times Trilogy – Les Studios De Cirque

A Jaw Dropping, daredevil show. Running inside the Wheel of Death, high above the ground, acrobats overcome danger and defy gravity in this spectacular show from Marseille’s world famous La Rotative.

A cylindrical wheel with a counterweight at the other hand pivots around a central axis. Running inside the wheel, which is over ten meters above the ground, the acrobats give impetus to the circular movement. Artists overcome danger with power and skills as they defy gravity with incredible acrobatics.

Difficulty and risks involved in this performance make it a rarity in the world.

*The story is told over the course of three shows each day, so try and catch all three if you can


Past Event

Le Fete Franglais

Sat 7 September 2013


Ends: Sun 8 September 6:00PM

Riverside Embankment



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