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10.30 – 12.30
Rose Croft

Games We’ve Always Played

We don’t always need fancy equipment and expensive toys to play our favourite games. Come and clap, sing, skip and jump into some of the games that have been played and loved for generations. Bring a game with you to share or join in with other people’s. Our Playgrounds can be anywhere we bring our imagination!

2 – 4.30
Luke Payn

Adventure Playground

Come build a castle, a pirate ship, an obstacle course, or anything else you can think of! Using stuff like pallets, planks and sheets of fabrics we will breathe life into the old Ghost Playgrounds making our own temporary adventure playgrounds!

– Produced by Katy Hawkins

The original design for Bretton included mini playgrounds mixed in amongst the houses – this meant parents could watch from windows as their children played.

Since then the equipment has been removed and the Bretton you find today is littered with GHOST PLAYGROUNDS, grey voids in the environment, where all you can see is the outline of where the equipment once stood.

We want to think creatively about how these spaces were used before, and how they might be used again in the future.

We will run two days of workshops in two of the ghost playgrounds. In the morning we will be with Rose Croft, sharing and playing games, and in the afternoons we will be with Luke Payn making temporary play equipment!

Workshops are for children AND adults and we are going to record the results from the days – ideas that came up, suggestions, memories shared and use this to create a report to present to your Parish Council and to the City Council. We hope this report might catalyse permanent works in the ghost playgrounds.

Shaun Badham, international artist who recently ran an exciting project on playspace in the New Town of Basildon will be invited to artistically respond to the results of the workshops and the Ghost Playgrounds themselves, the result of which is yet unknown.


Past Event

Ghost Playground: Kirkmeadow

Sun 16 September 2018


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