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A Legendary street show which has lit up cities across Europe now comes to Peterborough  Generik Vapeur takes over the city centre as 20 blue figures turn our streets and buildings in to a stage.

As the figures emerge form the shadows, they lead the audience on a breathtaking journey, fusing music, fire and spectacle as they search for a place to gather. Just as they find their elusive object, they disappear again in a  rock ‘n’ roll roar…

Generik Vapeur is a French company based in Marseille: they are renowned as one of the finest street arts organic approach, turning any public place into their own creative space attracting huge crowds wherever they go.

The performance will start in Cathedral Square before moving down Bridge street and Embankment Road on to the Embankment, find your place along the route to make sure you have the best view of the performance.

Look tot he skies as Generik Vapeur light the heavens with a pyrotechnic spectacular.

Produced in partnership with SeaChange Arts.

*Please note this show contains loud music and extensive use of pyrotechnics.

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Past Event

Generik Vapeaur

Sat 7 September 2013


Ends: Sat 7 September

Cathedral Square

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