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Chime is Peterborough’s 1st Community Music Centre; a place where you will meet new people, learn new skills and be free to express your creativity and gain real experience and qualifications.

Do you want somewhere you can play the music you with other like-minded people?

Beat This C.I.C invite you to come down to the free  Chime Jam Sessions held at the Chime Creation Centre in the Courtyard, Norfolk Street, Peterborough, PE1 2NP, anytime from 4-7 every Thursday, to take part in and create an evening of musical fusion.

Whatever your age or ability, the Chime Jam sessions provide the perfect opportunity to compose new music, develop your skills and gain new ones. The workshops will be geared towards the sharing of skills, the mixing together of Peterborough’s diverse musical cultures and styles, and giving everyone in the community an opportunity to play music in a group. Bring your guitars, flutes, saxophones, voice, or whatever you play to the studio where you can cover the songs you all know, mix together different songs, or create something new. Practice alone is important on any instrument, but when you play as part of a band, you learn much more, much quicker, and if you want to try a new instrument we have many here waiting to be played. Come along and share your musical ideas in a friendly, professional and safe environment

(parents this could be a perfect after-school club).

If your guitar is out of action never fear, we have the tools to repair and replace common issues. Bring it along anyway and learn for yourself what went wrong and how to fix it.  If you want to try a new instrument we have many here waiting to be played.

The Chime Jam Sessions are run by Rufus, an experienced musician, guitarist and practitioner at Beat This. Beat This is a Community Interest Company, that use music and technology to help children, young people and adults with additional needs develop skills, interact and create through music.

For further enquiries contact Rufus on


Tuition is also available at at Chime Creation Centre, please see images below to see different tuition.


Past Event

FREE Jam Sessions at the Chime Creation Centre

Thu 17 October 2013


Ends: Thu 5 December 7:00PM

Chime Creation Centre


01733 873014


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