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It’s August! It’s an Olympic year! It’s time to dig out that sports equipment, pull on your running shoes and engage in sporting activities… Or, you could just dress comfortably and come down to The Den for a nice sit down with board games, sandwiches and good company.

We have a great number of games that, like the Olympics, bring people together in a spirit of unity, fun and friendly competition. Whether you’re working as a team in a cooperative game such as Pandemic or Forbidden Desert; racing to the finishing line in Hare & Tortoise or Formula D; displaying your flexibility and dexterity in Lift It or Rhino Hero; engaging in a head-to-head combat in games like Quarriors or X-Wing Miniatures; taking on a mental challenge with Quarto or The Duke. Or, you could play something as old as the games themselves; Monopoly being around the same age as the modern Olympics, or Draughts, which is far older than even the ancient games.

Our theme for this month is, as you may have guessed by now, The Olympics. We’ll be highlighting our sports themed games and filling our menu with food fit for champions. We’ll be holding a dexterity games tournament, featuring Lift It, Rhino Hero, Animal Upon Animal and Push It! Also, you will be able to select a country to represent, scoring medals for how you do in your games (and of course in the tournament).

So, whether you love board games, or are looking for something to do on a Saturday afternoon and want to get the kids (or yourselves) away from smartphones, tablets, tv and consoles, why not come down to The Den where we have a library of over 100 games, not to mention a great range of snacks and drinks available from our kitchen.


Past Event

Board Game Cafe

Sat 27 August 2016


Ends: Sat 27 August 5:00PM

Nene Valley Community Centre


07949 146514

Entry fee of £3.00 for 13s and up and £1.50 for 12s and under. Toddlers and infants enter free.

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