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Rubba-Dubba-Giggle, Rubba-Dubba-Laugh, there’s magic to be found in The Big Red Bath.

It’s the end of a busy day and it is almost time for bed, and Ben and Bella are in the bath.

Splish! Splosh! Splash! Bubbles burst and bubbles rise and a frothy feast of animals jump right in to join in the fun.

Come with us on a bubbly, barmy bath time adventure around the world and home again celebrating all things bath time. A quirky, vibrant and humorous adaptation of Julia Jarman’s popular children’s picture book for the very young features stunning characters and music by We Were Evergreen.
“We’ve always wanted to write for a very young audience. This enables us to experiment with sounds and unusual instruments and create a world of its own.”

“Toy is the operative word here: We Were Evergreen sound like kids in a shop designed to accommodate under-fives with a rabid desire to bash plastic instruments, or adults keen to recapture a childhood penchant for the same” The Guardian May 2012

Full House bring 10 years of experience touring to the middle and small scale creating work that appeal to all the family using music/song and strong character based performances placing a unique spin on well-loved stories crafted with emotion, humour and poignancy. Big Red Bath is an exciting collaboration with Half Moon.


Past Event

Big Red Bath

Thu 31 October 2013


Ends: Thu 31 October 2:30PM

The Key Theatre


01733 207239


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