Annabelle: The Noted Liar – A Fen Skating Adventure!

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It’s 1901 in Isleham, Cambridgeshire, and Annabelle Howgego is the best ice skater for miles around. For nine months of the year her village is drowned in feverish marshland, the water laps at the doors and ghost lurk in the dark waterways. But when winter comes, the fens freeze smooth and white as far as the eye can see and the village prepares for the skating races. Amidst sweat, ice and chapped hands men and women hurl themselves onto the racecourse, skating hard for prizes of bread and meat. Once a year, on skates of sharpened bone, Annabelle casts off her life as a scullery maid and becomes a champion skater, flying at wild speeds over the frozen fens.

And this year seems no different.

But suddenly, in the midst of Annabelle’s race to glory, something rises up from the frozen river and sends the village into disarray. It’s down to Annabelle to solve the mystery of what lurks beneath the ice and save her village from the smothering darkness that threatens to engulf it.

Join Glimmer Theatre for a story of formidable skaters in skirts, mysterious sisters bent on revenge and a gigantic pig that might be the key to it all…

There’ll be an opportunity to share memories and stories after the show and we’d love your feedback too!
Tickets are free.


Past Event

Annabelle: The Noted Liar – A Fen Skating Adventure!

Fri 14 December 2018


Ends: Fri 14 December

The Undercroft Serpentine Green

PE7 8BE ‎


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