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You may remember back in September we posted this blog, asking for participants to be involved in a project with Lucy Sheerman and Bettina Furnée.

Lucy & Bettina received funding from our Peterborough Presents Small Commissions fund to create their project, which involved using the interview material from up to twelve couples as the libretto for a newly commissioned composition based on Evensong (evening prayer), to be performed at Peterborough Cathedral in Spring 2017.

Lucy and Bettina interviewed couples of all walks of life, starting with the big question – could you and your partner survive a trip to the moon together?

As a thank you to the people involved in the interviews, a free Tower Tour of Peterborough Cathedral was offered. We were lucky enough to come along too, and meet all the participants involved in the project, and learn some fascinating things about the Cathedral.

We climbed all the way to the top of this tower!

We climbed all the way to the top of this tower!

The tour was lead by Jonathan Baker of Peterborough Cathedral, and he is a font of knowledge. As we were lead up the first two galleries we saw examples of Roman rock found on site, rubble from inside crumbling pillars, flecks of Medieval paint, and so much more incredible history.

Jonathan and Bettina

Jonathan and Bettina

I must admit, as we got higher there were a couple of vertigo moments! It is incredible to think that workmen 900 years ago were scaling these heights to build the thing, and as the Cathedral took 160 years to build, most knew they would never see its completion.

Chatting to the group on the way up was great. It was pretty clear that this opportunity is something they would have never experienced if they hadn’t been a part of Lucy & Bettina’s project. The group was a mixture of couples from all walks of life, and it was really heart-warming to see how excited and engaged they all were.

Evensong Armins

Death-defying selfie from Armins!

It involved a lot of spiral staircases, narrow pathways and small doors, but we eventually made it to the top… and it started raining! But even with a bit of precipitation, the view was incredible. We could see the whole of Peterborough (everyone did the obligatory looking for their house), and we could even see Ely cathedral on the horizon. It was truly spectacular.

tower tour evensong

The Evensong project is currently progressing very well! Lucy has completed the libretto, and they are now working on the composition of the Evensong to be performed in February 2017 by the cathedral choir, community choir, and local organist as part of the Cathedral’s 900 year anniversary celebrations. Like our Facebook page as we’ll be sharing all information about the project in the coming months.

The cathedral do offer Tower Tours on selected dates between Spring and Autumn. For more information, visit their website.

Here are the rest of our snaps of the tour!


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