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Bedford Creative Arts is a contemporary arts charity. Delivering a programme of artist commissions and residencies, events, projects, and workshops that cater for a wide audience and provide new opportunities for artists.

Commissioning artists who want to make new work in response to people and places and whose work involves other people. Art made in public and community spaces by artists who actively encourage participation in their work.

Through their advertised events programme, and bespoke workshops for local community and charity groups, you can help artists make ambitious new work. Taking part in their commissions means you become an active collaborator in an artist’s practice.  Bedford Creative Arts work with artists to develop new work that engages with specific places and social and cultural contexts, and involves other people in both its production and consumption. Commissioning artists who have a track record of delivering collaborative, adventurous and engaging art.



New collaborative commissions for artists working in social settings. TEST BEDS.

This is a rolling programme, so there will be further calls over the next two years. For this initial commission, artists need to be available to work from February through to April/May 2014

TEST BEDS is a new programme which aims to develop artists work in social settings and enable artists and communities of place/or interest to work together on imaginative creative projects. The aim of these commissions is to encourage new and meaningful creative collaborations between artists and people. This commission is open to artists from any art form discipline and can take place in a diverse range of social and community contexts but must have a focus on creativity for wellbeing, engaging with people who may be isolated or vulnerable.

This is an opportunity for artists and community groups to develop new relationships, test new ideas and explore the possibilities of collaborative working. We expect there to be an artwork produced as an outcome of this commission.

Deadline for submissions: Thursday 23rd January 2014, 12 noon GMT

For more details please visit our website


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