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New Exhibition at City Gallery Peterborough

James Smith graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2012 and live in both London and Northampton. He is a nationally recognised artist whose work has been exhibited around the country. James’ work focuses on the depiction of post-war New Towns, using a large format camera to show a depth of detail and subjects that are often overlooked by the casual viewer.

The exhibition is the fourth and final show on James’ ‘London Overspill’ tour, showing both previously exhibited work and new images made in and around Peterborough. The focus on post-war New Towns makes Peterborough an ideal subject – James will capture the city as it moves through a new phase of development, creating a series of images that acknowledges its architectural past while depicting this changing city. Alongside these will be existing work, allowing visitors to notice details and similarities between different but architecturally similar locations.

‘Post war modernist architecture, which was originally ‘imported’ to the UK by European architects escaping tyranny and war on the continent, is currently undergoing something of a critical re- assessment. After World War II, in the most ambitious public building programme the UK has ever seen, modernism was substantially ‘Anglicised’- integrated with the landscape – and ‘regionalised’ using local techniques and materials to create different regional variations.

Smith has picked out the post war landscapes often unnoticed or unseen architectural details, producing a panorama which is, at turns, angular, elegant and even sculptural.

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London Overspill is on until 6th July 2014

Some images of the current exhibition at Peterborough City Gallery, find out more information here.


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