Each month IDEA1 invites a guest editor to choose their top five events for the month; this month was the turn of Emily Steele, freelance filmaker and director of Cine-Sister. 


Emily Steele’s Top 5 choices for March 2019

I’m a freelance filmmaker and director of Cine-Sister, which puts on film screenings and workshops promoting female identifying filmmakers. I am also a current Emerge Young Producer at Peterborough Presents planning a film festival that will launch later this year.

There’s so many amazing arts events happening in the city every month but here are just a few of my personal favourites:


1) CINE-SISTER FILM PREMIERE (7th March, 7pm, Open Door Baptist Church, Harris Street) & CINE-SISTER PETERBOROUGH WOMEN’S FESTIVAL (14th March, 7:30pm, Metal)

It would be silly for me to not shout out the two events, celebrating women filmmakers coming up with Cine-Sister. Over the past few months, I ran a mobile filmmaking course for women in Millfield in partnership with Peterborough Presents. Come along to this event to watch the final films and celebrate the work! There will also be guest speakers from the area sharing stories and insight into the themes of womanhood and local community. The event is completely free including (some rather fancy) refreshments.

For Cine-Sister’s second year participating in Peterborough Women’s Festival, Cine-Sister is putting on a free screening of international short films, by female identifying filmmakers in a leadership role. The evening will have a mixture of documentary, animation and fiction short films. Celebrating some of the best in contemporary short filmmaking. This event is also completely free!

Cine-Sister Film Premiere, 7th March

Cine-Sister Peterborough Women’s Festival 14th March

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 09.32.04


2) PETERBOROUGH WOMEN’S FESTIVAL (9th March, 11am-3pm, Peterborough Town Hall)

To celebrate Women’s History Month the Peterborough Trades Union Council are back with this year’s Peterborough Women’s Festival. As part of the week long celebration the town hall is hosting a full day of activities on the 9th of March including stalls, speakers, poetry as well as some great food.

There are loads of events going on during the rest of the week including the Feminist Book Club, theatre at both the Undercroft and the John Clare Theatre as well of course, the Cine-Sister event mentioned earlier to close it. Full details here. 
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3) COLD WAR, PETERBOROUGH ARTS CINEMA (21st March, 7:30pm, John Clare Theatre)

A chance to see one of my favourite films from 2018! Set against the background of the Cold War in the 1950s, two performing musicians are brought together by their dream of escaping the propaganda machine they are part of to escape to more creative freedom. They embark on a turbulent and destructive relationship spanning decades and nations.

Stunningly shot in black and white, and set to a gorgeous soundtrack of rural Polish folk songs to Parisian jazz.

The film earned a Best Director award for Paweł Pawlikowski at the Cannes Film Festival 2018 and was a Best Foreign Language Film, Best Director and Best Cinematography nominee at the Academy Awards 2019.

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 09.33.06


4) ART OUT II, RESPACE (23rd of March from 12pm to 8:30pm. New England Project, Occupation Road PE1 2LJ)

In collaboration with the Peterborough Art Society, ReSpace is bringing you a celebration of local artists. This includes live painting, craft tables, art for sale and live music. This will be the culmination of a week-long Art Festival in the space running from the 16th of March 10am until 4pm every day.

ReSpace Peterborough was handed the keys to the derelict New England Institute a few months ago, together with a handful of committed local people, they transformed a third of the building into the thriving New England project for under £500. It aims to bring people together to celebrate art, music and each other. More info here. 

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 09.33.53


5) TREASURED PEOPLE AND POSSESSIONS EXHIBITION (Peterborough Museum, Exhibition open 16 February – 30 June 2019)

This is a fantastic exploration of today’s Peterborians, and celebrates the rich heritage of our city and its citizens. It features photos, treasured objects and the true stories of the people and communities behind them.

A highlight includes the film “Workers” Directed by Jay Gearing and Produced by Ben Rogaly in which ten individuals give personal and moving accounts of warehouse and food factory work, and reflect on their creative lives beyond the workplace. Full details here. 
Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 09.39.16

A BONUS RECOMMENDATION: THE BUSTER KEATON PICTURE SHOW! (Stamford Arts Centre on the 28th of March, 7pm)

Where classic comedy meets contemporary music performance in this screening of Buster Keaton’s The General (1926), accompanied by original live score and immersive light show by instrumental-trio Haiku Salut.

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