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Gideon Conn and Donna Maciocia will be performing together at the Sundown Arts On The Road tour, on 2nd November at Chauffeurs Cottage.

Highlights & Perceptions are two EPs by Gideon Conn and Donna Maciocia, who are each taking one side of a 12″ vinyl and releasing them together, followed by a joint tour this October.  The EPs are to be released only on vinyl, in a limited edition of 500.  Donna and Gideon are independent artists who share a love of performance and a preoccupation with all things musical.  Both have uniquely identifiable voices and captivating characters, reflected in honest and distinctive songwriting.  Donna has been a good friend of Sundown for many years, performing at one of their Southend events as well as at the Union Chapel.  A singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist blessed with a stunningly original voice, Donna hails from Edinburgh.  A one woman juggernaut of sound, known to single handedly layer vocals, piano, guitars and beat boxing along with the sounds of a ukelele and kazoo.

Gideon Conn is a Mancunian now living in London, wrestling with the challenges of the city whilst exploring its vast musical wealth.  He has become known for effortlessly blending folk and hip-hop, as well as his unique performance style.  Gideon & Donna met five years ago at Secret Garden Party and a few years later Gideon went on to play at Edinburgh’s Jazz Bar with Donna, thus the flame of mutual appreciation was sparked and kindled.

The songs on the EPs are linked by their low-fi production and heart on sleeve lyrics.  Each body of work has a distinctive sound palette- ‘Highlights’ is an exploratory mix of electronic and acoustic sounds with key dynamic shifts, reminiscent of artists such as Beck and Joan as Police Woman. Perceptions is more retro, like a Donovan LP, with jangling guitars and sweet backing vocals. The title tracks share a feeling of having graduated from one stage of life’s journey and the awareness of other people that has developed during this transition. The songs are sensitive yet performed with an endearing joie de vivre which brings the audience a smile.

The EPs are a precursor to Donna’s debut album and Gideon’s 3rd album, both schedulefor 2014. The decision to release the EPs on vinyl is a move away from the digitalisation of music where abundance of it online makes it increasingly difficult to engage a public with an ever-increasingly short attention span. Those who buy vinyl (definitely Sundown!) appreciate music as a way of life, love physically collecting it and enjoy the warm depth of the sound. Donna and Gideon are also both talented visual artists as well as musicians and did not want to miss the chance to create a 12” cover.

To have a sneaky listen before the gigs, check this out….

Sundown cannot wait to have Donna & Gideon on their tour, we’ve been learning about Gideon for a while and excited to see him perform live, totally sounds like Sundown’s cup of tea.  As for Donna, well we’ve always been huge fans of what she does and can’t wait to share the love.  Their tour and ours combined plus the EPs project, is hugely exciting and unique, can’t wait!

Both artists are on soundcloud: /gideonconn and /donnamaciociamusic

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