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Vivacity, in partnership with Peterborough City Council is seeking to develop a programme of public art within the city centre which both supports the Peterborough City Council Public Realm Strategy and promotes its cultural offer to both local residents and visitors to the city. The ambition is to create art works which are visually striking, reflect the cultural identity of Peterborough and explore the theme of routes and trails across the city. The programme will engage local residents and business in the creation of art works which will result in a visually stimulating welcome to users of the city centre.

We wish to appoint artist(s) to work with the architects, designers & planners to develop designs for integrating sculptural / structural lighting and / or other public art into the redevelopment of a key arterial route between the city rail station and the main city centre. The initial consultancy will then lead to the implementation of designs.

To find out more information and to get the artists brief please follow this link!  http://www.vivacity-peterborough.com/theatres-and-arts/arts-projects/bourges-boulevard-public-art-brief/


  1. Alun says:

    Why is this being done in such a hurry? Artists have 6 days to decide whether or not to apply for a very demanding role, which requires them to have £5million public liability insurance, and be CRB checked. This is a lot to ask, and may well deter local artists from wanting to apply. Most people in Peterborough probably don’t even know about the proposed changes to Bourges Boulevard yet.

    • Ruth says:

      Hello, the proposal was inputted onto the vivacity website on the 1st of November and posted onto Idea1 also on the 1st of November giving the artists two weeks for the deadline 17th November.

      • Alun says:

        Putting a story on the Vivacity website, or even on here isn’t good enough. If Vivacity were serious about giving local artists an opportunity they would have publicised it better, for example by posting in relevant groups and pages on facebook. I, and probably most other people, only learned about this when you shared a link to the story in the Creative Peterborough facebook group on the 11th. I’m not criticising you Ruth, as you can’t be expected to do all Vivacity’s work for them. Vivacity should be taking a long hard look at how they went about this. Anyone who wants to get involved in public arts has to start somewhere, but I doubt it will be on this project.

  2. Julian says:

    This has to be a wind up, any professional artist will be wasting their time and getting very little back in return. Private Developers will have to put up the money for the development which is vanity project for the Tory Council who have blown millions on a City Centre that has a continuing crime wave and few feel safe unless Bing Drinking at the weekend is your thing ( Its all on the Cop Squad TV series) Vivacity took over the Peterborough City Council Arts portfolio and the council gave them funding which over the last 3 years they have blown on a massive computer system and turned the swimming pool changing rooms into a beauty parlour offering a ‘iffy’ non invasive ‘liposuction’ service. Simply Google Peterborough Tribune its a local news blog and enter VIVACITY in the search panel.

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