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On Saturday and Sunday Eastern Angles started their River Lane auditions. Here are few images from one of the workshops, within the auditions, that took place. If you’ve never acted before but are dying to become part of a theatre group, this is a perfect opportunity for you, River Lane is a community play and there is no experience necessary.

The play is set in the heart of the city River lane and takes us back to the days of Frank Brierley’s supermarket, Walter Cornelius and the Peterborough Birdmen, Desmond Dekker and soul music that became the soundtrack of the main character’s lives.

Its your chance to get involved and be part of a exciting large scale theatre production, whether its back stage, costume designer or a performer

Click here to see the various role specifications and here to register your interest.

To find out more about the project contact Amy Fisher, River Lane Community Play Producer at: amy@easternangles.co.uk or ring: 07922 604875


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