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Ever wanted to create or perform? Do you have something great to offer, but struggle to find your audience? Or perhaps you want to be that audience, and experience something fresh and new that was created right here in the city? Connection Culture aims to make these things happen.

Connection Culture is part of a pilot scheme by the Arts Council, funded by the National Lottery, to develop arts activity and get more people engaged with the arts. Peterborough’s programme is all about building new relationships between organisations, artists and communities and, growing expertise and skills.

It means more art, more creative possibilities, and more entertainment for the city. It means more work that is directly relevant to Peterborough and the experiences and aspirations of the people here.  It means more visiting artists – some of national and international standing – as well as many opportunities for the artists who are already here to make their mark and find their audience. And this means ‘artists’ in the broadest sense – as well as painters or sculptors, we are interested in the all the new arts projects that Peterborough audiences want to try such performance, crafts, music, writing….

Some young people who also go on paid internships in professional art settings and we’ll also be investing in community leaders, supporting the many diverse communities in Peterborough to put on events, work with artists and reach new audiences.

Who can take part and how can people follow what’s going on and get the latest news?

We want to hear from artists and arts organisations, both professional and voluntary, who want to grow the arts and culture made in Peterborough.

We want to work with local community leaders and organisations who want to develop their contact with arts activity.

We are also looking for young people who want to develop a career in the arts and help shape the city’s arts activity.

And we want to hear from our audiences.  We need to know what you enjoy and want to see more of.

To register you interest HERE

Connection Culture


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