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‘Art @ Advent’


Advent calendars come in different shapes and sizes, many with chocolate gifts. St John’s Church in the city centre of Peterborough will be offering a calendar with a difference this year. Working with 25 artists from across the City this talented group will create their very own Advent Calendar. For every day of Advent an artist will display a piece of art work depicting the lead up to Christmas.

Each week of Advent has been given a theme by St John’s vicar, Canon Ian Black, to help the artists find inspiration and they may leave some questions for our audience.

Week 1: 1st to the 7th December- The Announcement

Prompted by the Angelic announcements to Mary and the shepherds announcing good news of hope, light and salvation. Who tells stories of hope today?

Week 2: 8th to 15th of December – The Journey and homelessness

Prompted by the journeys of Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem for the census, their fleeing to Egypt for asylum to escape Herod’s murderous plot, and the shepherds and wise men’s journeys to worship and adore. Who is journeying – commuting, migrating and fleeing – today?

Week 3: 16th to 22nd of December – The commercialization of Christmas

Prompted by a feeling among many that true meaning is being lost in the wrapping and packaging, and the party has lost the purpose. Where do we find our value and worth?

Week 4: 23rd to 25th of December – Christian Christmas

Prompted by St John’s being a place of Christian prayer and worship for over 600 years and this being the heart of what it is. What does it mean to have God among us today and where do we find the Christ-child today?

The work will be displayed looking out of the Church through the glass doors that open onto St John’s Square. All the work will also be featured on St John’s website, facebook and twitter pages so please check the work out there. Hopefully you will join us and be inspired by our Art @ Advent.


For information on the artists involved and for any images, Please get in contact with Keely Mills at or on 07790 275382

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